• Open daily dawn till dusk
  • Annual blueberry festival
  • garden tours
  • house tours
  • agricultural museum
  • nature walks
  • workers' cottages
  • bird walks
  • Visitor Center
  • general store
  • self-guide brochure
  • Free admission; cost varies for programs

Historic Whitesbog Village

120 W. Whites Bogs Rd #34, Pemberton Township, NJ 08015

(609) 893-4646

Whitesbog Village is the site of the largest NJ cranberry farm in the early 1900's and the location where highbush blueberries were first successfully cultivated. The village, built between 1890 and 1925, was a self-sufficient hub, with worker housing, a general store, pay office, processing and storage buildings, and a schoolhouse. Its survival owes much to Joseph’s daughter, Elizabeth Coleman White-farmer, naturalist, and entrepreneur-whose idea it was to develop a cultivated blueberry plant and grow the berries on the property.

Today, the village and surroundings include 3,000 acres of cranberry bogs, blueberry fields, and reservoirs located in Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. Many of the village buildings still stand, including Sunigive, Elizabeth White’s home. Travel back in time to learn about the history of cranberry farming, life in a rural South Jersey company town and the individuals and culture that supported the farming operations.


  • Take the Whitesbog’s self-guided tour
  • Visit Suningive, the 1923 house where Elizabeth White lived and worked, now the headquarters of the Whitesbog Preservation Trust
  • Take the driving tour and enjoy a three-and-a-half mile loop around the bogs with a free map and guide booklet
  • Walk the Old Bog Trail, a short nature trail, which traverses the edge of a lake and runs through an old cranberry bog
  • Visit the Whitesbog Art Gallery, located in one of the surviving workers houses

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