• Seasonal from late spring through early fall
  • Tours conducted by The Ferromonte Historical Society of Mine Hill
  • Visit ferromonte.org for schedule
  • The Ferromonte Historical Society provides tours and various family friendly activities
  • Visit ferromonte.org for upcoming exhibits and events
  • The museum can accommodate up to 8 people at a time
  • Limited parking
  • Museum gift shop
  • Free

Bridget Smith House Museum

124 Randolph Avenue, Mine Hill, NJ 07801


The Bridget Smith House Museum is the last known mine worker's dwelling in the region. Built in 1855, the two-family home is located in the mining community of Irishtown in Mine Hill. The first part of the house museum is devoted to the women and families who occupied the home over the years, and the second part of the museum highlights the rich history of iron ore mining that extends back to 1703 when the first mine in Mine Hill – and all of New Jersey – began its operations. The Bridget Smith House is listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places, as well as the New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail. The museum is operated by The Ferromonte Historical Society of Mine Hill.


  • Learn about the rich history of iron ore mining in Mine Hill
  • Discover the stories of the women and families who lived in the home

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