Journey Through Jersey is excited to introduce our first social media team! The New Jersey Historic Trust launched Journey Through Jersey to promote heritage tourism in New Jersey and to support and improve quality visitor experiences at the state’s many and diverse historic sites. Our new team of three social media interns, all recent graduates with interests in history, heritage tourism, and marketing, will help to maximize Journey through Jersey's reach.

We'd like you to meet the team, and encourage you to stay tuned for the exciting content they will be bringing to you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Representing North, South, and Central Jersey, respectively, Sophia, Melanie, and Pete will be fanning out across the Garden State to bring you the best ways to #JourneythroughJersey this summer. Search 'Journey Through Jersey' to find us on all social media platforms.

Melanie-Monaye Sanders (top left) is a recent graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor's degree in History. She currently works for an art museum in Philadelphia and recently just started a blog to detail her experiences at museums. Melanie is an avid traveler and currently resides in a small historic town in South Jersey. Melanie will bring her creative eye to the Journey through Jersey Instagram account, and will explore ways to reach new audiences.

Pete Vaccaro (top right) is from Middletown, New Jersey. He is a 23 year old Rider University graduate with a BA in journalism and history. In his spare time, Pete likes to play tennis and basketball. He even creates YouTube videos on his channel: Clueless Gamers. Pete will take the lead in launching Journey through Jersey on YouTube and Twitter.

Sophia Hudzik is a social scientist and cat-person. She graduated from Montclair State University in 2016, and has worked on international ethnographic and archaeological investigations. Sophia is a transplant into New Jersey, and is looking forward to learning about the historical communities, buildings, and people of the state. Sophia will focus on the Journey through Jersey Facebook page and will collect interesting stories from people across the state about our rich history.