It is that time of year when we all generally agree, it is getting too cold to go outside! But there are still opportunities to support and “visit” some of your favorite New Jersey historic sites via your living room! Check out several opportunities below! 

Battleship New Jersey - YouTube Channel

Started in 2018, the Battleship New Jersey YouTube Channel has over 1,000 videos for the public’s enjoyment! Most videos are between 5 and 15 minutes long and cover a variety of subjects! Want to learn about the Battlehsip’s “secret wine cellar”? There is a video for that! Want to know how the Battleship NJ was built? There are several videos for your viewing pleasure! The videos even extend beyond just the Battleship NJ to cover subjects such as the life of sailors, the entire Iowa class of battleships, and museum ships in general. There is something for every history lover on the Battleship NJ YouTube Channel! The Battleship NJ is more accessible than ever and will make this winter more enjoyable for the masses! Also, new videos are posted at 7pm ET Monday – Friday so you will not run out of videos this season!  

When it gets warmer out or if you want to brave the Jersey winter, do not forget to visit the ship in person to test your knowledge and to see the iconic Philadelphia skyline from aboard the most decorated Battleship in U.S. History.

Check the website for more information and seasonal hours! 

Roebling MuseumOnline Programs & YouTube Channel

One of NJ’s newest museums, the Roebling Museum opened in 2009. The museum interprets the seminal engineering innovations of the John A. Roebling's Sons Company-- builders of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as numerous other bridges including the one over Niagara Falls! 

If it is too cold to check out the Museum’s seven-acres in person or to try a hand at the Brick Scavenger Hunt in Roebling Village, do not fret! The Roebling Museum has an interactive website with fun resources! Showcase the artistic qualities of industrial heritage by downloading one of the several fun zoom backgrounds for your next conference call or class! Destress from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, by doing a jigsaw puzzle of Roebling’s wonders and his advertisements on the Roebling website. 

Now, if you want to learn more about the engineering of the country’s most iconic industrial wonders, the Roebling Museum YouTube Channel has numerous videos for you! Take a road trip to the Roebling Bridge over the Ohio River or to the Hudson Valley’s first suspension bridge! Head over to Pittsburgh to learn more about the town that Roebling founded! Learn more about women in engineering, too! There is more than enough content on the Roebling website and YouTube Channel to keep you entertained all winter! No need to waste gas or brave the winter season! 

Check the website for more online programming and seasonal hours! 

Ballantine House at the Newark Art Museum360 degree Virtual Tour

Gather around the computer with a cup of hot chocolate or eggnog in your hand to take a virtual tour of the Ballantine House! 

Built in 1885 for Jeannette and John Holme Ballantine of the celebrated Newark beer-brewing family, the house is now a wing of the Newark Museum. Two floors of the Ballantine House are interpreted as a suite of galleries called "House & Home," which includes eight period rooms, two hallways, and six thematic galleries-all of which are featured in the virtual tour! Viewers can read the signs posted in the rooms and step beyond the barriers to immerse themselves in these period-accurate historic rooms! All you need is a computer, mouse, and keyboard to enjoy this self-guided virtual tour! 

Also, if you love escape rooms, the Ballantine House has a Zoom experience for you! According to the website, “Set in the Museum’s 1880s mansion, Escape from The Ballantine House challenges you and your team to race the clock as you try to find the hidden Ballantine Beer recipe and escape the house before you get caught.” Each “room” can feature up to 5 people, but up to 50 people can enjoy the experience! Challenge yourself and family by immersing yourself in this historically inspired escape room this winter!  

Check the website for more information about other online programming and visiting this recently restored National Historic Landmark in person soon! 

Learn more about additional online programming opportunities by visiting more Journey Through Jersey sites