During the fall, visitors from across the country come to New Jersey to witness the changing of the leaves and feel the crisp fall air while visiting apple orchards, pumpkin patches, or even feel the sea breeze along the coastal beaches. Daytime visitors to our Journey Through Jersey sites are greeted by various fall festivities and activities, but at night, visitors can find spooky experiences to enjoy. During the month of October, we spotlighted several of our Journey Through Jersey sites that are not only well known for their history, but for their ghostly residents as well. The staff working at Liberty Hall, InfoAge at Camp Evans, Sterling Hill Mine, and Absecon Lighthouse are all too familiar with the paranormal and unexplained happenings 

At Liberty Hall, staff have seen shadowy figures and full-body apparitions wandering the halls, including the spirit of Captain John Kean. Paranormal investigators from New Jersey Paranormal also reported smelling unexplained perfumes and cigar smoke in unexpected areas of the home. During the day, the InfoAge at Camp Evans is buzzing with school children and families, but after hours, ghostly guests roam the property. There are reports of eerie mists and shadow figures wandering the various buildings, accompanied by unexplained noises and voices. When Sterling Hill Mine closed in 1986, not all the miners left the tunnels and mine shafts below the surface. Visitors, staff, and paranormal investigators have reported hearing and seeing miners still hard at work in the mines. Some have even heard the residual sounds of explosions coming from the now flooded, lower levels of the mine. At Absecon Lighthouse, past lighthouse keepers can still be heard climbing the 228 steps to the top of the Lighthouse tower. There have even been reports of cigar and pipe smoke throughout the Lighthouse. Staff have also reported seeing a full body apparition of a light keeper dressed in work overalls in the Oil House on the grounds of the lighthouse.  

Many historic sites, like the ones spotlighted here, offer paranormal investigations and ghost tours as a fundraiser throughout the year and during the month of October to raise money for their organizations. New Jersey is certainly no stranger to weird tales, paranormal experiences, and unexplainable events. It may be reassuring and easy to visit these spooky places during the day, but are you brave enough to visit them at night?   

Have you had any ghostly encounters or unexplained experiences at our Journey Through Jersey sites? Let us know and we can share your story next October! We would like to thank New Jersey Paranormal and Milt Glenn from Absecon Lighthouse for sharing their experiences with us. Check out New Jersey Paranormal if you are interested in joining an investigation or would like them to investigate your site!